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Wildlife Preparations

Wild animals often require unique care and treatment. Precision Pharmacy provides compounded medications for wild animals under the care of veterinarians in clinics, zoos, aquariums and other settings. All active ingredients come from FDA registered suppliers and we ensure that every step of the process, from ordering to delivery, is handled with the utmost care.

In 2012, Precision Pharmacy developed a unique compound for the Whitetail deer industry to better serve the industry’s immobilization needs. Since then, we have expanded our wildlife medication portfolio to contain antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and a variety of other compounds that can be more easily administered via dart or oral route than previously available medications.

We ship most medications on the same day as ordered, if time permits, and offer free second day UPS shipping on all orders over $125.00. Please contact us to place your order.

Contact the pharmacy to learn more about compounded preparations for wild animals.