Small Animal Preparations

At Precision Pharmacy, we understand that pet owners want the best possible care and medications for their animals. We work closely with veterinarians and clinics to ensure we are meeting their needs. All active ingredients come from FDA registered suppliers and we ensure that every step of the process, from ordering to delivery, is handled with the utmost care.

Small Animal Medications

Below is a list of our current preparations for small animals. We ship most medications on the same day as ordered, if time permits, and offer free second day UPS shipping on all orders over $125.00. Please contact us to place your order.

A – B

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)
Acepromazine Liquid
Acetyl-D-Glucosamine Injection
Aluminum Hydroxide Liquid
Amikacin/Ketoconazole/Triamcinolone Otic ointment
Amitriptyline Liquid, Transdermal
Apomorphine Capsule
Azithromycin Capsule, Liquid
Bethanechol Liquid
Budesonide Capsule, Liquid
Buspirone Transdermal

C – D

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)
Cetirizine Liquid
Chloramphenicol Liquid
Cisapride Capsule, Liquid
Cyclosporine Liquid, Ophthalmic, Transdermal
D.E.S. Capsule, Liquid
Diclazuril Liquid
Doxycycline Liquid

E – F

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)
Enalapril Liquid, Transdermal
Enalapril/Furosemide Liquid
Enalapril/Furosemide/Pimobendan Liquid, Transdermal
Enalapril/Pimobendan Liquid
Enrofloxacin Capsule, Liquid
Enrofloxacin/Ketoconazole/Triamcinolone Otic ointment
Estradiol Cypionate Injection
Fenbendazole/Ivermectin Liquid
Fluconazole Capsule, Liquid
Fluoxetine Liquid, Transdermal
Furosemide Liquid

G – J

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)
Griseofulvin Liquid
Hydroxyzine Liquid, Powder
Imipramine Capsule, Liquid
Itraconazole Capsule, Liquid, Ophthalmic

K – N

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)
Ketoconazole Capsule, Liquid
Ketoconazole/Mupirocin/Triamcinolone Otic ointment
Ketoprofen Transdermal
Meloxicam Liquid
Methimazole Liquid, Transdermal
Methocarbamol Liquid
Metoclopramide Transdermal
Metronidazole Capsule, Liquid
Mirtazapine Liquid
Misoprostol Liquid
Neomycin Otic ointment

O – R

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)
Phenoxybenzamine Capsule, Liquid
Pimobendan Liquid
Piroxicam Liquid
Potassium Bromide Capsule, Liquid
Praziquantel Capsule, Liquid
Praziquantel/Pyrantel Liquid
Praziquantel/Pyrantel/Fenbendazole Liquid
Praziquantel/Pyrantel/Mebendazole Capsule, Liquid
Prazosin Liquid
Prednisolone Transdermal
Reserpine Liquid
Ronidazole Liquid

S – V

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)
Terbinafine Liquid
Theophylline Liquid
Triamcinolone Liquid
Trilostane Liquid
Ursodiol Liquid

W – Z

Drug/Compound Dosage Form (full)