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Quality and Safety

Quality / Safety

Precision Pharmacy has assembled a highly skilled and professional team that has been brought together to ensure that quality and safety are our top priority. We have an intense compounding training program to make sure that all of the members of our team are knowledgeable and properly trained to effectively communicate with our patients and other veterinary healthcare practitioners.

Before you choose a compounding pharmacy, you should feel comfortable with the answers to the following questions:

  1. Does the pharmacy have a sterile compounding license issued by a state that strictly enforces its regulations, like the state of California?
  2. Does the pharmacy have beyond-use dates on compounded medications that are in line with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and not longer than 6 months on any compounded preparation?
  3. Does the pharmacy purchase its active ingredients from only FDA registered suppliers?
  4. Does the pharmacy perform sterility testing on every compounded sterile preparation?
  5. Does the pharmacy have a ISO 7 clean room with a ISO 5 biological safety cabinet?
  6. Does the pharmacy have an independent auditor certify the pharmacy’s cleanroom at least 2 times per year?
  7. Does the pharmacy regularly perform environmental monitoring in high risk compounding clean rooms?
  8. Does the pharmacy perform daily monitoring and recording on the temperature in all vital compounding and storage areas?
  9. Is the pharmacy’s staff properly trained and tested in aseptic technique, cleanroom gowning, hand washing, and general clean room use?
  10. Is the pharmacy’s biological safety cabinet cleaned between batches and every 30 minutes while compounding?
  11. If there is a discrepancy in a sterility test, does the pharmacy have a system in place to investigate the source of the problem?
  12. Are sterile preparations quarantined until it is determined to be sterile from a sterility test according to USP <71>?
  13. Is pH testing done on injectable and sterile preparations to determine if they are within proper range as outlined in the Master Formulation Record?
  14. Does the pharmacy perform HPLC analysis on random, compounded batches from an independent laboratory?
  15. Does the pharmacy have adequate liability insurance that covers the preparations that are compounded?
  16. Are certificates of analysis available on all ingredients used in compounded preparations?
  17. Can the pharmacy trace each ingredient used in their formulations back to the original lot number, supplier, and origin?
  18. Are compounded preparations laboratory tested by chemists to show stability and expected potency?
  19. Is the equipment used in compounding properly calibrated on a regular schedule to ensure proper values and weights?
  20. Are all steps that are taken to compound medications either supervised or done by a registered pharmacist?
  21. Are all pharmacists and staff constantly updating their database and knowledge of compounding through education and classes?
  22. Are all compounded preparations shipped with temperature indicators to ensure proper temperatures are maintained throughout the shipment?